ifix phone repair in medicine hat

There are many reasons you may need our services, but with many reasons come many options; so why choose IFIX Technology? Depending on if you need a computer repaired, a phone screen replaced, or a new website, there are many places you could go. Today we will tell you a bit about ourselves and why you should choose us next time you need help with your tech.

IFIX Technology: 10+ Years of Industry Experience

IFIX Technology has a long standing relationship with Medicine Hat. In our early days, we mainly focused on phone repair, and over the years we have branched into more tech as our expertise grew. Today you can visit our store for just about any technical issues, moreover, we offer new devices as well if you need to replace what isn’t working. 

Primarily, we specialize in Tech Repair and Managed IT Services. However, we have recently unveiled our Web Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Management Services to help create and repair websites. This way, if you own a business, we can take care of all your company’s tech, online and offline.

Our humble beginnings were a great way to get to know Medicine Hat over the years. During this time, we listened to what people were needing. People don’t enjoy having to fix their electronics, nor do they like having to shop around for it. Therefore, we have evolved our business into something that suits everyone’s needs. 

The focus here is to provide a “one-stop-shop” for all your tech. This goes for business solutions as well! If you own a business in need of some technical support, we can provide you with an all-round solution to take care of everything, including your online presence. 

You may not be aware of all the new services we offer, so let’s briefly go over a couple of them together.

Managed IT: Personal and Business Solutions Available

Technology is involved in nearly every aspect of our lives, that’s why we are here to cover all the bases. Whether it be for personal devices or a business IT network, IFIX is here to help. 

Our Managed IT Solutions take care of your devices, your data, and the networks they use. Taking advantage of this service helps protect, secure, and manage all your tech! Best thing you could ask yourself is “What would happen to my data if my computer exploded?”. If your answer is anything except “IFIX Technology would take care of me.”, then you may need to look into our services

IFIX Technology’s Web Design and SEO Management Services

We now offer website builds and SEO services to increase search result rankings in the top search engines such as Google and Bing. Having an online presence is almost more important than ever with a vast amount of the population shopping online and doing online research for almost everything that’s important to them.

We can help you get started, repair what’s already there, and/or improve upon what you have to increase your traffic. Our sites, and yours as well if you choose to work with us, are all engineered with a strong focus on ranking on the first page of search results for primary keywords. 

So if you are wanting to start working on your SEO growth, or make a splash online with a new website, let’s get in touch!

This is Only the Beginning

This is an article primarily written to introduce ourselves to new visitors/readers, as well as thank those who are already familiar with us. 

We are finally stretching our wings, and we have to thank Medicine Hat for the years of support and customer loyalty. So if you are a customer reading this, thank you. We wouldn’t be here without you and we look forward to helping you more in the future!

The future of IFIX Technology will be an exciting one. For now, we will continue to shape and refine our services to meet your every need with friendly support, professional work, and reliable service.