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Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, serving as a gateway to the digital world. However, it’s not uncommon for these handy devices to exhibit a common problem: overheating.

If you’ve ever wondered why your mobile phone gets hot and how to prevent your phone from overheating, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind mobile phone overheating and provide actionable tips to prevent it.


Why Your Phone Gets Hot

If your phone is overheating, it may be from long hours of streaming, running too many apps simultaneously, trying to use your phone with a bad signal, leaving it in direct sunlight or malware (Androids only).

Where there’s energy, there’s heat. When you turn on your smartphone, billions of electrons shuttle around its computer circuits, enabling your device’s camera, apps, games, and calls to work. While these actions normally create heat, overheating can cause your cell phone to:

  • Seriously reduce performance
  • Battery degradation
  • Decreased lifespan of the device
  • Melt the central processing unit (CPU) in the mobile phone
  • In a worst-case scenario, cause an explosion

Causes of Hot Smartphones

In addition to the component-related causes of overheating, there are several real-world scenarios that can lead to a hot phone. Let’s delve into these causes:

Running Performance-Demanding Software

Certain applications, such as the Google Nest app used to monitor cameras, consume significant device resources. Using resource-intensive apps for prolonged periods can drain the battery quickly and cause the phone to heat up. It is advisable to limit the usage of such applications or explore less resource-intensive alternatives for a better overall experience.

Playing Games

playing games

Mobile gaming can be immersive and entertaining, but it can also strain the phone’s resources. Extended gaming sessions, especially with graphically demanding games, can lead to increased heat generation. Consider playing less resource-intensive games, such as indie titles or classic games, to reduce the strain on your device and prevent your phone from overheating.

Direct Sunlight

Leaving your phone exposed to direct sunlight, whether on a car dashboard or an outdoor surface, can significantly contribute to overheating. The buildup of heat in such uncontrolled environments poses a safety risk, as high temperatures can damage the battery or even cause it to explode. Always ensure your phone is protected from direct sunlight and opt for shaded areas to prevent excessive heat buildup.

Excessive Video Calls

video calls

Video calling applications demand significant system resources, resulting in increased heat generation within the phone. If you find yourself engaged in numerous video calls throughout the day, consider using alternative devices such as laptops or dedicated external webcams to lessen the strain on your phone. This can help prevent excessive heat buildup and ensure a smoother calling experience.

Ambient Temperatures

Similar to the effects of direct sunlight, high ambient temperatures can also cause a phone to heat up. On scorching summer days, it is advisable to keep your phone in a shaded and cooler environment to prevent overheating. Treating your phone as you would treat yourself on a hot day by providing ample shade and ventilation can help maintain its temperature within a safe range.

Leaving Your Phone Constantly Plugged In

leaving phone plugged in

While it may be tempting to leave your phone plugged in overnight, doing so can lead to performance issues and higher internal temperatures. Although modern smartphones are designed to stop accepting a current once the battery is fully charged, it is still advisable to unplug the phone when it is sufficiently charged. This helps maintain battery performance and prevents unnecessary heat generation. If you want more tips on how to preserve the life of your battery, check out our article, “5 Tips to Save Your Phone Battery“.

Malware or viruses (Androids only)

Android devices are susceptible to an additional factor that iPhones are not— overheating due to exposure to malware or viruses. iPhones aren’t susceptible to malware because Apple doesn’t allow any non-Apple software on their devices.

An Android, however, can become infected with a virus that causes overheating. Android users should consider installing a reliable antivirus software program on their device. They check for possible malware that could inflict damage to your phone.


Essential Tips To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating

Avoid prolonged usage

Give your phone occasional breaks, especially during resource-intensive tasks. This allows the device to cool down and prevents excessive heat buildup.

Remove the phone case

phone cases

While phone cases offer protection, they can also trap heat. Removing the case while using the phone can enhance ventilation and aid in heat dissipation.

Optimize settings

Reduce screen brightness, turn off unnecessary background processes, and limit app usage to conserve battery life and reduce heat generation.

Keep your phone updated

phone with updates

Manufacturers often release software updates that optimize performance and address known issues, including overheating. Regularly updating your phone’s software can help prevent such problems.

Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures

prevent your phone from overheating

Exposing your phone to high temperatures can lead to overheating. Keep it away from direct sunlight, hot cars, or any extreme environment that can intensify heat generation.

Clear cache and unwanted files

Regularly clearing your cache and deleting unnecessary files not only frees up storage space but also helps improve system performance and reduce the workload on your device, consequently lowering the chances of your phone overheating.


Mobile phone overheating can be attributed to intense usage, battery issues, poor ventilation, and external factors. By following the preventive tips mentioned above and seeking professional help when needed, you can maintain your phone’s temperature at an optimal level. Take action today to keep your mobile phone cool and enhance its overall performance.

If despite taking preventive measures, your phone still overheats frequently, it’s time to seek professional assistance. IFIX Technology offers reliable solutions to tackle mobile phone issues, including how to prevent your phone from overheating. Their team of experts can diagnose and repair any underlying hardware or software problems affecting your device’s temperature regulation.

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