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Get your phone fixed by the experts. We can handle any physically damaged phones, as well as phones suffering from faulty software and hardware.

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iPhone Repair

Apple’s iPhones have been a popular brand amongst phone users for years. That’s why we have mastered the art of various repairs needed to fix and restore every iPhone series that’s ever been released. So don’t waste time, bring your iPhone here to the phone guru’s of Medicine Hat.

My iPhone Battery Doesn't Last Long Enough

If you find that your iphone can’t seem to last even a day with a full charge, you may need our help. Batteries have a cycle count, upon the final cycles, you will find that your phone dies quickly. This is easily remedied by installing a new battery though, so come by and we can get that fixed up right away.

My iPhone Screen is Smashed

We have all of the latest generations of screens needed to fix and replace your broken screen. You’ll be back to normal in no time with a brand new phone screen, all for a great price and fast turn around.

My iPhone is Getting Really Slow

There are a few reasons that may be happening. In order to be sure, bring your phone by so we can take a deeper look. Our experts can diagnose why and start speeding your phone up in no time. 


Android Phone Repair

Samsung, LG, Sony, Google, and so many more brands offer the latest and greatest android phones in todays market. We specialize in the various repairs needed to address nearly any problem you may have. Whether you need a new screen, charger port, battery, or anything else; bring your phone by so we can take care of it.

My Phone Has Poor Service

Trouble getting full bars? Cell service issues are common, luckily we have found ways of fixing them. So bring your phone by so we can bring those bars back to full.

I Think My Phone Has a Virus

All phones run the risk of becoming infected with viruses and malware. If you find yourself with an infected phone, come see our experts so we can properly diagnose and clean your device.

Common Phone Repair Questions

IFIX Technology started with just fixing phones. So with this long standing history of phone repair, we have come across many issues and questions surrounding the cellular world. This is why we decided to cover some of the most common questions we get day-to-day.

How Much Does a New Phone Screen Cost?

Well, that depends. Each phone is associated with their own pricing when it comes to new screens. If you check out our phone repair quote page, you can send us your info, along with your phone’s make and model for a quick quote. Quotes include the screen, as well as the installation. 

How Do You Unlock a Phone?

There are a few different ways a phone might be “locked”. First we must determine whether this is a passcode lock, carrier lock, or system lock. Depending on what you need unlocked, this can be done a few ways. Bring your phone in so we can further discuss your options.


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