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Console Repair

Console cleaning, repair, and part replacement for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles.

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PlayStation Console Repair

If you own a Sony PlayStation that is acting up or simply not working, bring it in for a check up. We offer cleaning services, repair, or replacement parts depending on what you need. 

My PlayStation's HDMI Port Stopped Working

Our micro-solder technicians can replace your broken HDMI port and will have you back to gaming in no time.

My PlayStation Powers On And Then Off Immediately

The most common cause of a Playstation 5 powering on and then shutting down immediatly is a failed hard drive. We offer hard drive repacements and upgrades to keep your saved games safe and ready to play when you are.

My PlayStation Keeps Shutting Off Randomly

It’s very likely you have a faulty power supply. We keep high quality replacement parts in stock to get you back to gaming in no time.


Xbox Console Repair

Xbox not cooperating with you? Not a problem, we have a fantastic supply of new parts and the expertise needed to properly diagnose and solve any issue you may have with your Xbox. Come in and see one of our expert technicians so we can get you back to achievement hunting.

My Xbox Wont Read My Game Discs

Consoles no longer reading your favorite game discs is frustrating. But we can help! From correcting software issues, to cleaning or even replacing a damaged disc drives. Our console technicians are specialists in getting you back to your gaming experience.

The HDMI Port Won't Show An Image On Screen

Get back to gaming quickly with the help of our micro-solder team. Our fast HDMI port replacements will have you back to gaming in no time.

My XBox Won't Power On

No start issues can range from hard drive and power supply failures to software corruption. Bring in your console and we can diagnose if you need a hardware replacement or simply a firmware upgrade.

Nintendo Console Repair

Nintendo has released some awesome consoles over the years. We have taken care of Wii U, Switches, and Switch Lites. If you are haveing issues with your Nintendo gaming console we would be happy to get you back to gaming. 

My Switch Stopped Charging

Most of the power issues we see with the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are damaged charging ports. Our micro-solder technicians can have your charger port replaced and get you back to mobile gaming.

My Switch Screen Is Broken

Hand-held consoles get put through much more wear and tear over time compared to stationary consoles. If you have any physically damaged devices, including broken screens, bring them by so we can get that replaced for you.


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