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Console Repair

Console cleaning, repair, and part replacement for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles.

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PlayStation Console Repair

If you own a Sony PlayStation that is acting up or simply not working, bring it in for a check up. We can offer a cleaning, repair, or replacement parts depending on what you need. Moreover, we can take care of any controller issues you may have as well.

My PlayStation Controller Sticks Drift

This is a very common issue with controllers of any console. More often than not, the sensors beneath the joysticks just need to be cleaned. We can do that for you.

My PlayStation is Getting Slow

There may be a few reasons causing this. For starters, you can “defrag” your console by booting it in safe mode. If that doesnt help, making sure your console is free of dust and clutter would be a great next step. Beyond that, you may need to look at replaceing some faulty hardware.

My PlayStation Keeps Shutting Off Randomly

It’s very likely you have a faulty power supply. Luckily we have the best suppliers to get you a replacement quickly and at a great price.


Xbox Console Repair

Xbox not cooperating with you? Not a problem, we have a fantastic supply of new parts and the expertise needed to properly diagnose and solve any issue you may have with your Xbox. Bring it by if you are experiencing any issues so we can get you back to achievement hunting.

My Xbox Fan is Getting Very Loud

Over time, the fans inside your Xbox may collect some dust. This can build up to the point that it forces your fan to overwork itself to fight any clogging. Simply bring your Xbox in and we can clean it out for you and have it running normally in no time.

The Triggers on My Controller Don't Work

Without your left and right triggers, almost every game is unplayable. However, before you go and buy a new controller, bring it by so we can take a look. Usually a simple cleaning or a new trigger to replace the old one will do the trick. So save that money, and get it fixed here.


The fabled “Red Ring of Death” is something most Xbox 360 owners have heard of. If you are still using a 360 and experience the ring of death, bring it by, and we can work our magic to revive your Xbox.

Nintendo Console Repair

Nintendo has released some awesome consoles over the years. We have taken care of Wii’s, Switches, and even the hand-held DS/Gameboy consoles. If you have any Nintendo gaming consoles, hand-held or not, bring them by if anything is wrong so we can keep them working smoothly.

My Wii Sensor Isn't Working

Wii sensors are used to scan your entire room and detect your movement for various games. If you are finding that it is acting strangely or not working at all, bring it by so we can test to see what needs to be fixed or replaced.

My DS Screen is Broken

Hand-held consoles get put through much more wear and tear over time compared to stationary consoles. If you have any physically damaged devices, including broken screens, bring them by so we can get that replaced for you.


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