Computer Repair

We can repair physical damage, replace hardware, trouble shoot software, remove viruses/malware, and more. Get started by contacting us today.

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Computer Repair & Troubleshooting

The next time you have a defective or broken computer, come to us for the repair. Computer repair starts with a diagnosis, so let our experts diagnose exactly what you need to get fixed and and get you back in action.

My Computer Won't Turn On

If your computer won’t turn on, chances are we may need to set you up with a new battery or power supply. Luckily our experts can test to find out exactly why it wont turn on and give you the right options for getting your computer fixed.

My Laptop Screen is Broken

Accidents happen, we get it. No worries though, we have multiple cost effective options available to get you a new laptop screen as soon as possible.

My Gaming Computer is Getting Slow

Then don’t waste any more time, and bring it by our store. We have all the tools needed to get your computer physically cleaned. Moreover, we can also do a software clean as well to make sure your gaming computer is back up to speed!


Computer Data Management, Backup, & Recovery / Repair

Your data is important. From old baby photos, all the way to important work documents, you need to keep what matters safe. That’s why we offer support with organizing, protecting, and managing your data.

My Computer is Full Already

Having trouble fitting data in your computer? No problem, we have a few options to remedy that concern. We can clean up your storage to create more space, offer you an external storage device, or upgrade your internal storage to something more accomodating.

I Can't Lose My Data

If your data is important to you, then get us to help set up scheduled and automated backups to keep your data safe. That way, if you lose your computer, you can still have access to the backed up data.

I've Lost All My Data

Well, you’re in luck! We offer data recovery services for nearly any degree of loss. Bring in your computer, and we can start trying to get your data back.

Computer Network & Connectivity Repair

IFIX Technology has a long standing relationship with local business owners, offering an all-round networking solution for their teams. This way all your devices are connected and communicating properly.

Our Wires are Out of Hand

Cable management is fun for us. Get our technicians out there to sort out your cable management. This way, everything is much more accessible and easy to understand with the right color coordination and cable concealment.

We Can't Seem to Get Out Computers Connected to Wifi

Our technicians specialize in making a fully connected and seamless business environments where everything is working smoothly so you can focus on what matters. Get started today by giving us a call or stopping by and your office will thank you.


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